Stair Tower

The most elegant way to ascend to your rightful place at the top.

Design Yours

ICON Finishes

Our time-honored stains have been developed to enhance the natural beauty of White oak. Your choice of finish is included in the base price of each ICON Bunk

Dove Grey
Brushed Iron
Build Yours

Ladder Options

All ladders are customizable in placement to best fit each room.

Wooden Ladder

Our integrated wooden ladder can save space and provide a elegant and seamless look to your ICON Bunk. Curious about placement options? Try our Design and Price Tool to custom configure your wooden ladder location for a perfect fit.

Steel Ladder

If you are looking for a more modern and sleek design with your ICON Bunk, try configuring a metal ladder in our Design and Price Tool.

Stair Tower

Our most graceful way to reach the top bunk is found in our Stair Tower design. If you’re interested in additional storage space for your ICON Bunk room check out our hidden drawer option for some added utility.

Additional Upgrades

Create the ultimate lodging experience.

Storage Space

Take your bunk room's space utilization to the next level with our convenient stair tower drawers.

Custom Railings

Create the perfect individualized aesthetic for your new bunk room with metal or upholstered safety railings.

How To Order

Spec your ICON Bunk to order using our Design & Price tool or get in touch with one of our reps. We look forward to hearing from you!

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